2021 OWF Online Cup

Jun 15 2021

Dear Friends,

Another success. Forty-five lifters from twelve countries have entered the Online OWF Cup Tournament which is scheduled for June 26th & 27th. Attached please find the final entry list.

In the next few days we will advise every one of the competition timetable. There will be two sessions for the women and two sessions for the men.

Unfortunately four more countries have difficulties with their connectivity and therefore apologies for not being able to be part of this tournament.

Bowen Stuart, the Information Technology and Communications Manager, from the Australian Weightlifting Federation, in the next few days will contact those countries taking part – the same as he did last year in relation to the connectivity and other technical details.

The best performance overall of all participants, on Sinclair formula - of the top six (6) men and top six (6) women will receive the following amounts in AUD:

  1. $4,000
  2. $3,000
  3. $2,000
  4. $1,500
  5. $1,000
  6. $500

These funds are directed contributed to the lifters.

Kindest regards,
Paul Coffa MBE
General Secretary

OWF Online Cup - Entries
OWF Online Cup - Regulations

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